Project Description


A Pre-Winter Necessity

Routine gutter cleaning is necessary for gutters to function properly; this will reduce the possibility of overflows between cleanings. Sunworks gutter cleaning should be part of your routine preventive maintenance that includes:

  • Cleaning off leaves, sticks, and debris from accessible roof areas
  • Cleaning out leaves, sticks, and debris from gutters
  • Unclogging downspouts as necessary
  • Evaluation of gutters for any repairs.

The frequency of gutter cleaning / maintenance needed on your house will depend on many factors including the type and size of trees around your house. This could be as infrequent as once every 2-3 years or as often as 1- 3 times per year.

Sunworks has available and recommends the Spring Gutter Strainer® to help keep leaves and debris out of gutter downspouts and ensure better drainage between cleanings.

The Spring Gutter Strainer® has an innovative spring coil design and made from only one piece of wire, allowing no room for failure of any parts. The wire is almost twice as thick as any other wire strainers on the market today and the long flexible neck design ensures the product stays in the downspout even if a leaf blower is used to clean the gutters. The head of the Spring Gutter Strainer® is also taller and wider than the competition, proven to keep gutters draining longer between gutter cleanings. Simply the best inexpensive gutter downspout protection!