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Get those trees cleaned up and ready for winter

The winter can wreak havoc on your tree canopy. You need to trim those trees to keep them safe and healthy through winter’s damaging snowfall. Those broken or fallen branches aren’t helping you right now, either, so we help with the heavy lifting and dangerous tree damage. Let us trim back the limbs for good healthy growth and remove those dead trees that are causing hazards. Every season has special needs and maintenance. Sunworks provides all year round services to help you feel proud of your beautiful and well maintained trees. No job is too small or too large. We specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, and pruning for safety as well as beauty!

Sunworks strives to provide the best tree solutions for your needs

Our mission is to provide high quality tree services in a professional manner with affordable pricing. Projects are taken care of in a timely and proactive manner. Procedures are in place to ensure our team works safe and environmentally responsibly in order to exceed our customer’s expectations. Sunworks is proudly owner-operated and looks to build long-lasting relationships with our clients in Omaha and surrounding areas. We take great pride in our services and provide top quality tree removal and maintenance. We are fully licensed and insured and our certified Arborist it there to guarantee your trees are healthy.

Check Out Some Words From Our Clients

“SunWorks has been maintaining our lawn and landscape for years. He also cleans our gutters, hangs our christmas lights and takes care of our snow removal. Ryan and his staff have been wonderful to work with. I refer him to friends and family all the time! Thank You for all your hard work SunWorks.”

Linda Harper

“They did an amazing job! I highly recommend SunWorks for landscaping and lawn services. 5 STARS”

Jake Peters

“Great customer service. Excellent work!”


The Local Advantage in Arbor Care Services

Because we are from Nebraska, we KNOW Nebraska- the weather, what diseases and storm damage can do to our state’s lovely native trees, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to treat and prevent damage through proper pruning. Don’t wait for one of our famous windstorms to break off that hanging limb onto your roof! Ensure the health of your trees and the safety of your family by keeping your tree canopy maintained through regular pruning. Call us for a FREE bid from our LICENSED ARBORIST!

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